Custom Artificial Grass

Innovative Corporate Grass Design

Yardex offers custom artificial grass. A wide range of superior e-tuft products that are made-to-order. Whether you need a logo for corporate branding, a sports club or school facility, elements for children’s playgrounds, or outdoor carpet, Yardex has what you need.

1. Logo

Making Your Brand Stand Out

Transform your corporate identity with our custom artificial grass design solutions. Our precision-engineered artificial grass can be tailored to recreate your logo, enhancing your brand’s visibility and leaving a lasting impression. From welcoming entrance mats to eye-catching indoor displays, Yardex ensures your logo shines.

2. Sports

Performance Beyond Boundaries

Elevate sporting excellence with our specialized sports surfaces. Designed to meet the stringent demands of professional athletes and enthusiasts alike, our artificial grass solutions deliver exceptional ball roll, traction, and shock absorption. Whether it’s a football field, tennis court, or rugby pitch, Yardex ensures peak performance.

3. Playgrounds

Where Safety Meets Fun

Our artificial grass provides a cushioned and secure foundation for children’s play areas, reducing the risk of injuries. Soft to the touch and available in vibrant colors, Yardex creates play spaces that ignite imagination and encourage active play.

4. Outdoors

Nature at Your Fingertips

Enter the world of luxury with our artificial grass rugs. Perfect for terraces, patios and gardens, our solutions offer the charm of grass without the maintenance. Enjoy the greenery under your feet, adding elegance and comfort to your outdoor spaces.

5. Decor

Beauty in the Details

For interior and exterior decoration, Yardex offers a creative canvas. Whether it’s wall coverings, unique flooring designs or accent pieces, our versatile grass can be incorporated into decorative elements, bringing natural beauty and texture to any setting.

Custom Artificial Grass Offers Unlimited Possibilities
for a Variety of Applications

Innovative 2D & 3D Custom Artificial Turf Designs

Advanced Robotic Tufting Solutions

We utilize advanced robotic tufting solutions to provide 2D & 3D customized artificial turf. Bespoke designs of grass products are made to your specifications, with any stitch rate, gauge, and any pile height between 10 to 40mm.

Perfect for Sports

Our custom artificial grass products can be integrated into sports fields to help promote the club or sponsors. Very often, they are used as entrance mats or as a colorful technical area for managers and substitutes.

High-performance, durable products add value to any sports discipline. Our grass products are excellent for training areas, circuit training, dribbling for soccer or practicing golf.

Inspiring and Safe for Children

Fairy tale characters or colorful surfaces on your playground, children’s corner or indoor areas will bring joy to the youngest and enrich their experience.

Yardex ensures safe and non-toxic products for children and pets. Our products are free form VOC (volatile organic compounds), lead, and condominiums.

Beautify Commercial Spaces

Our technology ensures that each piece of artificial turf is precisely crafted to provide attractive, vibrant color and presentation for your graphic design mat, wall décor or outdoor rug.

Yardex products adapt to your specific needs and aesthetic preferences to create exceptional and functional commercial spaces; ideal for hospitality gardens, patios or high-traffic areas, they are easy to clean and usable all year round.

Your Journey to Custom Artificial Grass

We will turn your wishes into reality

Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in our custom artificial grass solutions. We will guide you through a carefully designed process from the moment you express your interest to the final installation. Join us on a journey that will transform your vision into reality, step by step.



The process begins once the customer expresses interest in our custom artificial grass solutions. This may be via our website, email or a direct inquiry.



At this stage, our expert discusses with the customer their specific requirements, including color, pile height, texture and any special features.


Design and Customization

We prepare a creative design or visualization based on customer materials for customer approval.



We proceed to the production once the customer approves the costs and other order details.


Shipping and Delivery

We take care of the delivery to the customer so they can receive their order right at their doorstep.


Customer Feedback

We reach out to customers to check if the product was made to their satisfaction and delivered in the agreed time.

Your Custom Artificial Grass

Throughout the entire process, we focus on open communication, transparency and customer satisfaction, ensuring that our customers receive artificial grass tailored to their individual requirements.