Grass Technology

Innovative and Advanced Artificial Grass Technology in our Factory

In the dynamic world of artificial grass technology production and innovation have become the cornerstones of excellence.

As specialists in this field, we are proud to remain at the forefront of these developments, consistently raising the bar in terms of quality, durability and sustainability.

Below, we showcase the cutting-edge technologies that have transformed artificial grass technology, demonstrating our commitment to providing the best in the industry.


Raw Materials Selection

We source raw materials from the finest global manufacturers. These materials are chosen not only for their durability, but also for their environmental friendliness. We use non-toxic materials to deliver products free of VOC (volatile organic compounds), lead, and condominiums to prioritize user safety.

spools of artificial grass ready for production


The most advanced tufting system in the industry offers high-quality production with full synchronization and stability throughout the tufting process. Our tufting lines are designed to dynamically adapt to market needs. One of our game changers is the ability to produce a very high capacity with high efficiency, rarely seen on the market.

an employee supervises the tufting of artificial grass

Coating & Drying

Our coating line is a combination of key players in the manufacturing industry, creating a masterpiece that can provide line stability with a coated product using latex or polyurethane. We understand the importance of minimizing our carbon footprint. That’s why our machine has been designed and engineered to operate with low emissions, ensuring a sustainable solution.

an employee supervises the coating and drying of artificial grass

Product Wrapping

Our product wrapping technology is the latest in the field. It offers a compensation system that provides production stability and an inspection window before wrapping the turf rolls. With its new pneumatic tension control system, our grass is rolled and compacted to facilitate storage, handling and shipping.

two employees operate a machine that packs artificial grass

Rigorous Testing for Superior Quality

Yardex ensures supreme excellence through precise testing aligned with international performance standards. Our commitment to quality is evident in every step of our production process.

Online Testing: Three-Point Assurance

Quality testing begins online with three key checkpoints:

Raw Materials Inspection: rigorous testing of raw materials prior to production ensures premium quality.
Tufted Carpet Inspection: Each strand is examined to ensure standards are met.
Coated Carpet Inspection: A thorough evaluation of the coating process ensures product durability and resistance.
Tuft Bind Testing: Evaluates the resistance to force, which is critical for sports products.
Yarn Analysis: In-depth analysis includes yarn thickness, characterization and Dtex, ensuring fiber consistency.
Tensile Strength: Rigorous testing ensures robustness under various stress factors.
Water Permeability: Careful testing ensures efficient water drainage, vital for enduring all weather conditions.
UV Resistance: Our products are UV resistant and guarantee longevity even in strong sunlight.

Yardex Laboratory: Precision Testing Hub

Our advanced equipment, tailored to various testing tasks, provides a competitive advantage in both static and dynamic performance.

Together, we thrive

Join us in developing latest grass technology while caring for the planet. Rely on our commitment to exceptional service and cooperation flexibility.