About Us

walid elhusseiny yardex ceo

At Yardex, we want to develop a new concept in sustainably produced artificial turf and lead the industry with the latest technology.
Walid Elhusseiny

Yardex turf on innovation and flexible solutions to deliver benefits to customers.

With more than 20 years of experience and the most sophisticated production machinery, we deliver consistent high-performance turf in the shortest possible time.

Environmental protection touches many areas of our industry. That’s why we are constantly working on how we fit into it.

Building solid and trustworthy relationships with our customers is the essence of our business.

Inspiring new possibilities. With excellent quality and a passion for innovation, we create entirely new opportunities for our customers and for the industry.

We can help, whether it’s artificial turf for a sports facility or field construction project, leisure or landscape turf for a distribution center, retail network or end customer.

In the future, we will continue our research with the long-term objective of responsibly producing fully sustainable synthetic turf products.

A Step Ahead of the Synthetic Turf Industry

A US company with more than twenty years of experience in the synthetic turf industry. We provide top-quality products from the most sophisticated synthetic turf production facilities.

Designed and manufactured in compliance with international standards and our own rigorous quality controls, our durable and resilient products are the best solution for sports, leisure and landscape projects.


To provide a one-stop-shop, offering first-class quality artificial grass products, whilst building solid, trustworthy relationships with our clients.
We focus on market differentiation, competitiveness, and timely delivery.


Leading the industry in flexible, innovative and sustainable artificial grass solutions.

Yardex turf has been creating and developing industry standards since 1999

Yardex turf

Establishment of Sportica artificial grass company

Completion of our first major artificial turf project

The first soccer pitch installation

First FIFA certified field installed

Further expansion by establishing Stadia Canada

Installation of first fully artificial turf golf course in the world

Foundation of Stadia Qatar by Stadia Canada

Foundation of Yardex

FIH and FIFA licensing in process

Taking Responsibility for Our Actions and Outcomes

Shift: We don’t stand still; we move forwards, embracing new concepts, philosophies and opportunities to enhance our industry.

Responsibility: Yardex turf producer is dedicated to a clean future. We care about our customers and our impact on the environment. By committing to a sustainable production process, we deliver products that integrate your needs whilst being responsibly made.

Quality: We strive to provide exceptional and consistent quality products, high-class service and flexibility to our customers. Our artificial grass meets international standards.

Innovation: Our production process is driven by innovation, incorporating cutting-edge machinery and technologies. By taking advantage of these developments, we are continuously strive to enhance efficiency, precision, and overall product quality.

Our Promise

Yardex tuf manufacturer, operates in line with our values to build and maintain solid relationships with our customers and employees, including consideration for the environment. We take responsibility for our actions and results, ensuring that we deliver on our promises and meet our customers’ expectations.


We act with courage, and enthusiasm to challenge the status quo, and discover new ways to grow our business.


We strive for excellence by providing the best quality products and first-class services.

Strategic Mindset:

We embrace a forward-thinking mindset to stay ahead of the curve every step of the way.


We are accountable for our results to deliver our very best in everything with integrity and respect.

Customer Centric:

We offer flexible solutions based on the market needs and the customers requests.

Relationships Matters:

We are keen to build strong relationships, with our employees, our customers, and the community.

Let’s talk about your project

We want our partners to grow their businesses by benefiting from flexible solutions, such as made-to-order products and short delivery timeframes. Whether you need artificial turf for your sports facility or field construction project or want to enhance your product range or landscape in a previously neglected area, we are here to help.