Sustainable Production

In its pursuit of sustainable production, innovative and flexible solutions, Yardex takes a responsible approach every step of the way. Our commitment to the environment integrates health, safety and environmental considerations into our business, prioritizing people, communities and compliance to ensure ecological growth and productivity.

Yardex experts develop eco-friendly methods for delivering your synthetic turf at a competitive cost without compromising systems lifespan or performance.

Zero Waste Strategy

At our factory, we are committed to a zero-waste, sustainable production process to ensure that every aspect of our plant operation contributes to environmental sustainability. Here’s how we manage waste effectively here:

Yarn recycling Initiative

Yarn Recycling Initiative

We carefully wind the remaining yarn at the end of each bobbin and turn it back into fully usable bobbins. This process not only minimizes waste, but also maximizes the efficiency of our raw materials.

Recycling waste from the backing line

Recycling Waste From the Backing Line

The trimmings from our backing line are not thrown away. Instead, we work with recycling partners who specialize in separating these materials into polymer and rubber granules.

Yardex warehouse

Recycling of Wooden Pallets

Our approach extends to the wooden pallets we use in our shipping and handling processes. We sell these pallets to wood recycling companies that process them for re-use in the MDF industry.

ISO-Certified Quality and Management Practices

Responsible Sourcing and Management

We implemented ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, which ensures responsible sourcing of raw materials and careful process management. This commitment guarantees consistent quality and environmental stewardship in our products.

logo ISO 9001

Precision and Quality Control

The development of our processes allows us to carry out strict quality controls. Through the use of automation, our turf meets the highest industry standards. Our facilities are validated by the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, reflecting our commitment to quality.

logo Iso 14001

Nontoxic products

We promote the use of clean energy by reducing its consumption and the production of non-toxic products by eliminating all SOX, NOX and CO2 emissions in the production process. By sourcing nontoxic raw materials, we provide products free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and lead.

logo Safety Guard

Compliance with Global WHO Standards

We work in strict compliance with the World Health Organization’s standards to ensure our emissions remain at the lowest possible level. Our systems minimize gas emissions with advanced sustainable production technologies and strict air quality protocols.

Sports Fields Systems Recycling

Recyclability is key to our system design. The chemical extraction of polymers from end-of-life consumer goods impacts the environment. Therefore, we manufacture products that can be mechanically recycled into products that are either reused in the industry for running boards, wet-molded shock-pads or as ‘fillers’ for the plastic consumer goods market.
All of our end-of-life fields and shock-pads could be recycled by a licensed disposal company.

Recycled and Bio-based Polymers

As fossil fuels become less of an option to produce the raw polymers used in our systems, we are looking to source post-consumer and bio-based solutions to move the industry ‘off-grid’ for the use of virgin oil-based products. This market is still in its infancy at present, but we are striving to stay ahead of the curve by scouring the latest solutions to incorporate into our systems.

Organic Sports Fields Infills

Facing the upcoming ban on microplastics in the EU and UK, Yardex is introducing a range of surface systems. We source quality organic infill materials, developed by nature to withstand wear and tear. Many mediums, including wood-based and seed casings are designed by evolution to decay for a variety of reasons. A high-grade 100% top quality cork infill medium will resist rotting and breaking down. It is also CO2 neutral, as the cork oak responds to harvesting by absorbing more CO2 from the environment to ‘heal’ itself.

Together, we thrive

Join us in crafting top-tier turf while caring for the planet. Rely on our unwavering commitment to exceptional service and unmatched flexibility.