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A 3G Field Maintenance Guide for Sports Clubs and Universities

A 3G Field Maintenance Guide for Sports Clubs, Schools and Universities

At Yardex, we understand that the journey with our customers doesn’t end with your 3G field installation. We want to ensure that our synthetic turf systems provide optimal playing conditions and have a long lifespan. This guide is dedicated to sports clubs, universities, schools, academis and private sports centers to effectively maintain their 3G fields.

Protect Your 3G Field Investment

Consistent maintenance is essential to preserve the playability, condition and safety of your field. Measures such as keeping the surface clean, managing the infill properly, ensuring the fibers stand upright, and promptly addressing surface issues are critical to extending the life of your turf and optimizing your investment.

Field maintenance

Best Maintenance Practices for 3G Fields

To keep your field in pristine condition, you should prohibit the presence of food, beverages, and chewing gum. Smoking and vaping should also be avoided, and only suitable, clean footwear should be worn. It is important to remove garbage regularly and keep walkways clean. You should also set aside specific areas away from the grass for eating. Ensuring that pathways are clear of mud and debris will help prevent contamination of the playing surface.

Regularly inspect the field for signs of damage and follow the warranty policy for repairs. While minor problems can usually be repaired by skilled maintenance teams using the correct materials and techniques, you should contact your installer immediately for major problems — self-repairs are not recommended.

Maintaining an even playing surface, especially in high traffic areas, is critical — weekly brushing is recommended to keep infill even and fibers upright. Natural rainfall serves as an effective cleaner for outdoor 3G fields. In dry weather or indoors, the use of antimicrobial products is recommended. The use of chemical treatments should be strictly controlled and only used with prior approval.

It is important to remove stains and soiling immediately. Spills and stains should be cleaned immediately using hot water and a mild detergent. Suitable solvents can be used for more stubborn stains. Chewing gum can be removed with freeze sprays and biological substances should be cleaned with enzyme-based cleaners.

Regular cleaning is effective in controlling weed and algae growth to prevent their development. In shaded or infrequently used areas, it may be necessary to apply a water-based algaecide every six months.

Dedication to Client Satisfaction

Yardex is dedicated to offering premium sports turf systems that meet performance and durability requirements. By following these maintenance recommendations, your artificial turf field will maintain its status as a premier venue for sports and recreational activities and will provide you with enjoyment from the first game to the last.

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