Office portrait having Lion picture made by Artificial grass design

5 Stunning Artificial Grass Design Ideas for Every Space

5 Artificial grass design application ideas

Today, most businesses are seeking innovative methods to capture attention and establish their presence. One unique and visually attractive technique is artificial grass design, which serves implementation of colorful logos, creative messages or artwork directly onto the surface of the grass. Artificial grass design also offers a stunning visual impact and creates an eye catchy design. This creative approach offers many benefits for different applications.

Whether you need a logo for corporate branding, an inlaid field logo for sports club or field entrance mats for school facility or fairytale elements for children’s playgrounds or outdoor carpet for your terrace, Yardex will leave a lasting impression. In this article, we’ll explore the diverse applications where synthetic grass can create change to their spaces.

Artificial grass design for sports field

Major sporting events often feature artificial grass design to promote sponsors, teams, special events, seating area for players who are waiting or tunnel carpet for field entrance. The vibrant colors and dynamic designs add visual excitement to the stadium atmosphere. Whether it’s a simple team logo or a detailed sponsor advertisement, logos can be produced to any size, color or quality, allowing for complete customization. Our synthetic grass products are excellent for training areas, circuit training, dribbling for soccer or practicing golf.

Artificial grass design for sports field

Synthetic turf artwork for playgrounds

Children can jump into a world of colorful child’s game squares, chasing friends on a fairy tale imaginative character on the surfaces on school or community playground. With synthetic grass design, outdoor play spaces can be transformed into interactive landscapes, giving the curiosity and encouraging children to a creative exploration. Furthermore, Educational elements like numbers, alphabets, or animal tracks can be seamlessly twisted into the design, that will turn playing time into a learning experience and it can be used to improve the style of school grounds and playgrounds.

We ensure that our products are safe and non-toxic products for children and pets. Our products are free from VOC volatile organic compounds, lead and condominiums. Furthermore, for protection under grass, shock pads could be installed. Shock pads are a critical part of any playground safety surface. They help to reduce the impact of falls and injuries by absorbing the force of impact. Shock pads come in a variety of materials, including polyethylene foam, rubber, and are made from recycled materials.

Colorful playground for kids made by artificial grass design

Outdoor commercial areas at restaurants and hotels

We ensure that each piece of synthetic turf can transform your outdoor spaces into an attractive and colorful area. Artificial grass design can adapt to your specific needs and esthetic preferences to create exceptional and functional commercial spaces; ideal for hospitality gardens, patios or high-traffic areas, easy to clean and usable all year round. Synthetic grass can be also installed temporary for a summer season and then easily disassemble.

Building, restaurant of field logo entrance mat

Now, you can transform your entrance mat into a colorful and attractive welcome statement. Our logo mats possess all the characteristics of a traditional doormat, while also offering the promotional potential of a creative design. These mats effectively set your logo, image and text, while also maintaining a smart and clean appearance for your premises. They are easily cleaned with dishwashing liquid and water.

Custom design to serve your imagination

Create a dimensional version of your company logo using various pile heights of synthetic grass to represent different elements for interior and exterior wall decoration. We can tuft your logo directly on the grass or install your bran or icon on a grass background with additional lights to add more sophisticated visual.

Office portrait having Lion picture made by Artificial grass design

Nowadays, technology plays a vital role in artificial grass market, that’s why Yardex has the latest tufting system in the industry offers high-quality production. Our technology allows to replicate colors and shapes, it has additional capabilities that add depth and dimension to the artificial grass designs. To ensure every detail meets the highest standards, our technicians monitoring the production process and exploring new possibilities for design and functionality.

Our custom grass is made with careful control over every element, ensuring your design matches your specifications. The process starts with an enquiry, then our expert at a free consultation discusses your specific requirements, color, pile height, texture, and any additional features. We provide advice and support from production to installation options.

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