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Yardex Press Release

Yardex Enters German Market with $30 million Sustainability Focused Turf Production Investment

American company Yardex is bringing sustainable artificial grass to the European market using their new $30 million production facility.

Yardex comes from the founders and operators of Stadia Sport and Leisure Solutions and has over 20 years of experience in the industry, completing over 1000 sports and landscaping projects in North America, Africa, the Middle East, and areas of Europe. As part of its broader strategy, the company is fully expanding into Europe with an initial focus on Germany, UK, Netherlands, France, and Spain.

Ensuring high quality in all these markets is crucial to Yardex and is the reason behind the purpose-built manufacturing facility. Using the most advanced machinery on the market guarantees consistent precision and quality while maintaining key environmental targets.

To date, the consistently high quality of these products has been a cornerstone of Yardex’s success, but how they are made and their longevity set them apart in the industry.

Walid Elhusseiny ceo in front of yardex factory

Walid Elhusseiny, Yardex CEO and co-founder, explains:

“We want to lead the industry in a flexible, innovative, and sustainable way while setting new standards for the quality of artificial turf. That means having responsible solutions such as partially recyclable products made from recycled plastics, and we can only achieve that by having the tools in-house.

Our manufacturing lines are exceeding expectations in terms of meeting global environmental standards and regulations, eliminating any sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and CO2 emissions that could result during the manufacturing process. Using the latest technologies available not only protects the world we live in but also maintains our team’s health and safety at the highest levels and keeps our energy consumption at optimized levels whilst achieving the minimal amount of waste you can in this industry.

Using materials free of lead and VOC (volatile organic compounds) places Yardex at a top level in terms of sustainability and providing safe products for everyone. 

Constructing our own process also means we were able to build-in quality control at every stage. Using automation, we know that as artificial grass manufacturer, we’re always providing products that meet the highest standards and gives customers the best-performing turf available.”

A Second Life for Artificial Turf

“In April 2020, an AMI consulting report stated in 2019 that about 38% of the sports turf installed was replacing old turf,” Walid Elhusseiny explains. “Some 61Mm2 of synthetic grass has required disposal. By 2023, replacement turf is expected to reach 42% of demand, so this industry challenge continues to grow.

“Our turf can have a second life as a downgraded product, be donated by sports clubs to the community, or be partially recycled. As a Synthetic Turf Council member, we actively promote environmentally responsible operations and encourage conversation and education through sponsoring events.

Sustainability touches many corners of our industry, and we’re always working on how we fit into it, and we’ll continue our research and development with the aim of producing 100% sustainable products.”

Yardex’s mission to be a one-stop shop for artificial turf is taken further with its personalized customer experience. European distribution centres are being implemented to ensure fast delivery of standard products and establish networks to deliver custom colour and logo orders quickly.

Visitors to FSB 2023 can explore the Yardex, artificial grass manufacturer, portfolio in Hall 10.2, Stand C018-D019, and experience the latest polyurethane and latex coated products for professional sports and landscaping.

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